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If you’re looking to earn money by blogging, then you are in the right place. I am making a substantial amount of passive income just by blogging.

make money blogging
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It’s no surprise that people can make money by blogging, and few have chosen it as a side hustle. You can earn money blogging by creating an online presence.

Who doesn’t want to earn an extra income?

Well, if you’re new to blogging and are looking forward to earning money by blogging, congratulations!

You can do that just by deciding your niche market, which intersects with your interests and passion. Just start imparting valuable content to your readers, and it will help you get website traffic.

Here are some easy and profitable ways to make money blogging.

5 Best Ways to Earn Money Blogging

Though there are many methods to generate money online, I’m presenting you with the top 5 methods to earn money by blogging.

#1. Google Adsense

It’s one of the simplest and fastest ways to earn money online.

All you have to do is display the Google ads on your website so that you get some commission from the ad cost whenever a visitor clicks the ad.

Google adsense income
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Google Adsense

You can easily set this up. By copying and pasting the code given by Google, you can place the ad wherever you think it fits your website. The best part is that Google would show the ads related to your content and are relevant to the website.

Google Adsense is one of the biggest networks and hence would get relevant ads on the website. These ads would help you earn money and would also enhance the user experience by displaying the ads relevant to your website. 

Best Ways To Make Money Online

#2. Amazon Associates

It’s a kind of affiliate marketing, where when a user clicks your link to purchase a product, you earn a commission.

Likewise, you can advertise an Amazon product on your website, and subsequently, when a user clicks the link and makes a purchase, you’ll get a commission.

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Earn Money Blogging

There are several ways to promote Amazon’s products on the website. You can write product reviews and link the products or include the product catalog on your website. Another added benefit is that if a customer purchases multiple products, you’d get the credit for the entire sale.

Imagine, you recommended a book, and the visitor ends up purchasing a Sony TV, a Mobile phone, and a laptop. Then you’d get the credit for the entire sale.

Doesn’t that sound outstanding?

Also, if the customers purchase anything for 15 days from the sale, you’d earn them too.

#3. Affiliate Marketing For Digital Products

Like Amazon, there are other marketplaces, where digital products are sold like ShareASale, Click Bank, etc. The difference is Amazon is a place where we help sell physical goods while here we boost the sale of digital products.

Affiliate Marketing Income
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Affiliate Income

The added benefit of this marketplace is that you get higher commissions ranging from 10% to 50% or even higher. As these products carry high margins, the chances of earning higher commission increases.

You can simply promote the product on your website, write the reviews, and you’re good to earn!

👉 What is Affiliate Marketing? A Complete Guide to Start Affiliate Marketing!

#4. Create eBooks

If you’re a regular or an active blogger, and you write blogs pretty often, then this would be a great platform to sell the Ebooks on your blog.

eBook Selling
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By the time your readers become fans of your blog, they’d get pumped to purchase the Ebooks.

Well, you can make money out of this, just make sure that you present them to the Ebooks, related to their interest so that they’re more interested in purchasing that.

Don’t rehash them with the old stuff.

Also, you can sell them at a higher price and earn a high profit margin.

#5. Offer One-On-One Coaching

Well, when you become well-versed in your niche, people would love to approach you for advice. You can simply put up a page on your blog, to answer the questions and to give some advice, for which you can charge a handsome fee too.

You may choose Teachable as a platform to provide online coaching to your audience. 

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Online Coaching

FAQs- Make Money Blogging

It is very simple to start. Just choose a domain name and hosting for your blog and start blogging. This specific guide on how to start a blog for beginners may help you in getting started.

It’s very obvious that some blog for passion and others to earn money online. They should avoid some deadly mistakes that an amateur blogger often commits, like- irrelevant domain name, cheap hosting, no keyword research, no promotion, etc.

You can choose any of the above methods to earn money blogging. Apart from these, you can choose to freelance as another source of income. Freelancer.com and Fiverr.com are the two best platforms to earn money online by freelancing.

Well, the answer depends on individual strengths and passion for work. Of course, everyone can earn money blogging if he is passionate about his blog. Blogging shows not only your skills but also helps you in generating a huge income.

The Takeaway

There you go! 5 simple and viable ways to make money blogging.

Don’t go with a single method to earn money online. You can go with diverse options and take it as a side hustle. Always go along with the other ways, if you want to go with promoting an affiliate product, have some Google Adsense ads along with that, as it’d help you generate extra passive income, without relying on a specific method.

You should mix and match with other ways so that if one way doesn’t turn out to be effective, there are always other ways to go. This wouldn’t let you lose all the revenues overnight.

Always look out for the options, and go with the one that fits you!

Do you have a blog? What strategies do you use to earn money? Tell us in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi Aayushi,

    These are excellent tips. I am a fan of selling eBooks. Writing and self-publishing eBooks through Amazon Kindle and Selz are 2 ways to help readers and prosper. But all income streams above prosper you and prosper your readers in their way, shape and form. The real test is sticking to the basics for a long time before profits flow in.


  2. Hi Ryan,

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article! Indeed, these are some ways to prosper. Nonetheless, we should always stick to the basics without computing the profits.

  3. Hi Ayushi,

    You nailed it very well.
    Thank you for bringing this article on this blog.
    Affiliate marketing and selling digital products are great ways to make money with blogging.
    We can also offer consulting and services via our blog.

    Keep update with such awesome content.

  4. Hi Venkat,
    I’m glad you find the article informative! Indeed, affiliate marketing and selling digital products are great ways to make money.

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