Are Paraphrasing Tools Reliable? 5 Most Trustable Paraphrasers

What is Paraphrasing?

Over time, Google and other major search engines are getting smarter. They quickly check out the content and detect whether it is plagiarised or not. So it is nearly impossible to copy any content from the internet. But people have adopted many shortcuts for their convenience.

One of them is the usage of paraphrasing tools. Paraphrasing tools change the wording of content.

The content makes the same sense, but plagiarism becomes zero. These tools use synonyms of the words, alter the sentence structure and bring up an organized content.

Paraphrasing allows you to explain the same things in different ways.

Paraphrasing Tools
Paraphrasing Tools

The online paraphrase tool is very beneficial if it is being used correctly. It can assist you in rewriting your articles and blogs in new ways. Moreover, if you are not very quick and efficient in typing, this tool is there for you.

It makes your content original and unique, and still, your content makes the same sense.

Are Paraphrasing tools reliable? Why should you use them?

Paraphrasing tools and Artificial Intelligence

Paraphrasing tools also use Artificial intelligence. This amazing technology allows you to create 100% unique and original content by using these tools. The tools that include AI perform a lot of jobs, such as

  • Rephrase the content with just one click
  • Create original and plagiarism free content
  • Rephrase the content in different languages
  • Make new content from the existing content, which is unique.

Having the AI facility, these tools are smart enough to grab related data and recreate it into the final form. They are also well known for their high search engine optimized content. These tools are providing a reason why you should not hire writers!

Rephrasing tools and natural language processing (NLP)

Paraphrasing tools are also famous for the use of natural language processing (NLP). As the name implies, by using NLP, the rephrasing tools can understand the meaning of content. So the tool that is using NLP is much more likely to create more original and meaningful content.

The tools with natural language processing aids guarantee you the quality of content. Moreover, these tools are also known for their multiple language systems.

They can rewrite the same content in different languages. They also promise to provide the content with the best search optimization of the content.

AI writing is alarming for human writers. HOW?

  • Using a shortcut for a complex long-term task is very tempting. But the idea of revolutionizing the writer’s market with robots is not that easy.
    When we say that rephrasing tools or the AI-based system are secure and smart enough to meet our writing needs, we are pushing back the human writers.
  • Apart from all this, the paraphrasing tools are flawed and inaccurate. You can’t rely on these tools entirely.
    For instance, if you are giving the command to write an article on some specific topic, you can only specify the title- you can’t bound the AI-based agency to use the required heading and subheadings.
  • After you have processed the content from a paraphrasing tool, you will observe that it is not “ready-to-serve”. The final results also need alternations and changing, which is an additional confusion. Also, artificial is so predictable that content being processed by a paraphrasing tool can easily be recognized.
  • Additionally, artificial intelligence can’t understand the needs of a writer. Being a writer, I can say that the best writer understands the requirements and then justifies them.
    It is an undoubted thing that AI is far away from natural human intelligence. It can’t understand the terms and regulations of the client as compared to human writers.

Are there NLP approaches to automatically rewrite sentences?

NLP is a much-developed structure of artificial intelligence. It is a systematic and organized chain. With the help of NLP, computer systems may be able to predict the thoughts of the user.

For example, NLP processes the sentences and phrases being typed, and on this basis, it indicates the following command. It is done with the help of device data management. The machine records and saves data, and by their analysis, any prediction is made.

The tools that are using NLP are different from those not using NLP. Other tools give the synonyms of the words used in the sentences. Just connection of synonyms is not called rephrasing.

The result comes out as awkward, unreadable lines that don’t make sense. NLP is applied to analyze the content and then using the synonyms in a way that includes readability and the same context. Another benefit is the tool can write in more than one different way.

best paraphrasing tools

The result comes out in the form of highly readable and meaningful content similar to human writing.

Are paraphrasing tools reliable?

  • We should remember that machines are machines, and they can’t compete with the human brain.
    It is proved that the results from these tools are not perfect and flawless. Even the tools that are expensive and are believed to be reliable are inaccurate.
  • Paraphrasing tools do not work every time and everywhere. If they are not used properly, the results are so inappropriate that anyone can notice them.
    Artificial intelligence is used in these tools to create original content, but the content is not meaningful.
    Some rephrasing tools are not able to do grammatical perfection. That content is again required to be filtered in another tool, and the results are devastating.
  • The paraphrasing tools that are considered trustworthy are costly. You need to submit dollars to have their subscription. Even after spending a lot of money, you are not sure about the results.

5 Most Reliable Paraphrasing Tools that uses Artificial Intelligence

Well, we have discussed different things about working and different technologies that are empowering the paraphrasing tools. However, not every tool is proficient in making your content up to the mark.

If you just search “Paraphrasing Tool” on Google, you will see hundreds of tools there but does these tools are according to your expectations?

Of course, NO.

Many Tools will change the concept of your content and some of these may be using old algorithms of changing your words.

To avoid your research over finding the best tool, we have listed out the best paraphrasers that are using the latest technology. Here we go:

#1. Prepostseo


The first on the list comes to Prepostseo. The paraphrasing Tool by Prepostseo is one of the most amazing and ranked paraphrasing tools.

This paraphraser uses artificial intelligence to change the sentence structure of your content which not only makes your content unique instead, it makes your content more readable.

The additional benefit of using this tool is the upkeep of the original thoughts of the resource content.

Prepostseo, besides providing amazing outcomes, offers free usage along with a simple interface. The four-level of paraphrasing includes:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative


  • Allow changing the synonyms manually from the suggestion list (see image below)
PrePostSEO paraphraser
PrePostSEO paraphraser
  • You can upload the files directly from your device as well as from Google Drive/OneDrive
  • In Fluency and Creative mode, it modifies the sentence structure as well as remove plagiarism
  • It has some addons like in your paraphrased content, you can check plagiarism, remove Grammar errors, as well as summarize your text instantly

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Paraphrasing Tools
Best Paraphrasing Tool
  • Upon Paraphrasing, you may download the content by clicking the button.

Pricing & Plans

Prepostseo offers its Paraphrasing tool for free and without any subscription or even registration. Because of this, the tool is amazing to be used by the students and bloggers as they usually not afford premium paraphrasing tools.


Paraphraser tools
Paraphraser tools

Another intelligent rephrasing tool is “”. also uses Artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing to maintain the actual concepts as well as enhance the sentence structure of the original content. is completely free for everyone and to use it, you don’t need to buy any of their subscriptions.

This tool works in multiple languages and some of its further features are discussed below:


  • This is a quick paraphrasing tool that generates a fresh copy within seconds
  • Allow uploading the file from your PC/smartphone
  • Includes three modes including Fluency, Standard, Creative
  • Simple Interface allowing a user to easily compare the original and paraphrased text
  • Allows up to 1000 words in a single search
  • Easy Registration process (You can sign-up using your Google account)
Paraphrasing tool
Paraphrasing tool

Pricing & Plans

This site is also offering free usage to everyone but with a limit of 1000 words per search.

#3. Rephrase-Tool

Paraphrasing tool 2021
Paraphrasing tool 2021

This is another tool that is easily accessible and free to use. This tool is although not using artificial intelligence but still, is considered as best because of an effective algorithm.

Below, we have discussed some of the features of this website:


  • It highlights the paraphrased words with a different color to make them prominent
Paraphraser features
Paraphraser features
  • It autocorrects the major spelling mistakes
  • Users can add their own wording to change with specific words
  • There are different dictionaries that are used for changing the words
  • This tool allows 5000 characters to be paraphrased in a single turn
  • It shows statistics of the words that are changed.
Paraphraser stats
Paraphraser stats

Pricing & Plans

This rephrasing tool is completely free to use for everyone and the majority of their users include the students because students often search for the free tool.

Are Paraphrasing tools reliable? Why should you use them?


Paraphraser tools 2021
Paraphraser tools

Although the site is famous for checking plagiarism in your content, its paraphrasing tool is also efficient. Check-Plagiarism offers a free paraphrasing tool with the option of rephrasing your content without any word limit.

This paraphrasing tool contains AI technology but for that, you can only paraphrase 500-words in a single search.

Some of the features of this website are written below:


  • There’s no word limit and user can paraphrase unlimited words with any subscription
  • The Beta Version (AI-based) improves the readability of the content while enhancing the sentence structure of the content
  • It allows uploading the file and additionally, the user can also upload the PDF file to paraphrase the text inside it.
  • It allows to change the paraphrased content and user can insert their own words as the synonyms

Pricing & Plans offers a free paraphrasing tool to everyone and the most amazing fact is the unlimited words paraphrasing.

#5. Websymphony

Paraphrasing tool
Paraphrasing tool


This is another simple paraphrasing tool.


As we have discussed earlier, the results collected from rephrasing tools are not ready to serve. Following steps should be taken to get the required results:

  • You should check the plagiarism of your content. There are chances that you need to make some changing to eliminate plagiarism from your content.
  • You should also check the readability score. Typically, readability stands for the use of small sentences and easy wordings. If your content fits these requirements, its readability score will be better.
  • The word count of the content should also be checked. You might face confusions where you need a long article, but the paraphrasing tools are producing smaller ones.

I hope you have got the required information about Paraphrasing Tools. You can use the paraphrasing tool to write content but it is a must check its accuracy.

Which Paraphrasing Tool is your favorite one? Please share your views in the comment section.

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