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Are you looking for Surfer SEO pricing 2023?

If yes, you have landed in the right place

Here in the article, I will tell you everything about pricing plans of Surfer SEO, how much Surfer SEO costs and what you get in each plan, etc.

You are here to check the cost of Surfer SEO, so it’s obvious that you know about the tool. If you want to gather more information about the tool, you may refer to this detailed Surfer SEO review.

This outstanding On-Page SEO tool offers 3 primary plans- essential, advanced, and max. Let’s check out what it offers in each plan-

SurferSEO Pricing: Which is the best plan for you?

Surfer SEO Pricing
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Surfer Pricing

Surfer SEO Overview

Surfer SEO is a tool specially designed to optimize our written articles and blog posts. It works by analyzing your content against 500+ ON-Page SEO signals.

How does it work?

This is quite simple, just write your article and use Surfer SEO to optimize your content for Google SERPs.

It analyzes your content for your target keyword and provides you suggestions to optimize the content for that keyword. Just follow its suggestion and boost your keywords ranking.

Product NameSurfer SEO
TypeON-Page SEO Tool
JobOptimizes your content for higher rankings on Google
Best forBloggers, SEO experts, and marketers
Lifetime DealNot available
Free TrialNot available
DiscountClaim the annual discount here

Many bloggers know Surfer SEO is only for content optimization, but it offers you many more. You can use Surfer SEO for:

  • Content Planning
  • SERP Analyzer

You get a 7-day money-back guarantee which is extendable up to 30 days. Yes, if you’re not satisfied in 7 days, you can contact their support team and ask for extending the time to 30 days.

It is not only me who is recommending Surfer SEO. In fact, many popular bloggers and SEO experts like Brian Dean, Matthew Woodward, Matt Diggity, and Adam Enfroy also suggest the same to their audience.

Let’s look at the pricing plans of Surfer SEO and explore which is the best plan for you.

surfer seo
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Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Pricing

Surfer SEO is a smart On-Page SEO tool that analyzes your content and provides suggestions to optimize your web content. It is a perfect tool for webmasters, marketers, bloggers, and SEO agencies.

It provides you with three pricing plans: basic, pro, and business. Besides this, you get a flat 22% discount if you select annual subscriptions.

  • Essential Plan: $89/month
  • Advanced Plan: $179/month
  • Max Plan: $299/month

For the annual subscription, you get new Surfer SEO pricing (with a 22% discount) as under:

  • Essential Plan: $89/month
  • Advanced Plan: $149/month
  • Max Plan: $249/month
Surfer SEO Pricing Plans
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SurferSEO Pricing

Let’s look at each plan in detail.

#1. Surfer SEO Essential Plan

The Basic plan costs you $89/month and offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you want to experience this tool, it is the most suitable plan for you.

The basic plan of Surfer SEO includes:

  • Content Editor: 15 per month
  • Keyword Research: 100 per day
  • User Seats: 2
  • NLP: Free for 1st month
  • White Labeling: No

Why should you use the Basic Plan?

If you are a beginner who hasn’t used Surfer SEO ever, then it is the best plan for you to try it. Basically, newbies who don’t write over 15 articles in a month should use it to optimize their content.

The basic plan is perfect for those who can manage up to 15 articles in a month. If you publish over 15 articles in a month, of course, you need an upgraded plan and the Pro plan would be best for you.

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#2. Surfer SEO Advanced Plan

The Pro plan starts at $179/month for a monthly subscription and $149/month for an annual subscription. If you are a professional SEO expert who publishes over 15 articles monthly, you must try the Surfer SEO Advanced Plan.

The Pro Plan of Surfer SEO includes:

  • Content Editor: 45 per month
  • Keyword Research: 100 per day
  • NLP: Yes
  • User seats: Up to 5 members
  • White Labeling: No

Why should you use the Pro Plan?

If you are a professional blogger who regularly publishes over 15 articles monthly, you must try it.

Actually, it is quite time-consuming to write and optimize so many articles in a month. Surfer SEO comes as a boon for SEO experts and bloggers to assist them in optimizing their content and ranking them as well. You can analyze and optimize up to 45 contents using this plan.

One more benefit of this plan is that if you’re a small group of freelancers, you can also invite them as well. Yes, you can invite up to 5 team members to optimize your web content.

#3. Surfer SEO Max Plan

This is the prime and the highest plan that Surfer SEO offers. Actually, the business plan starts at $299 per month for monthly subscriptions and $249 per month for an annual subscription.

The Business Plan of Surfer SEO includes:

  • Content Editor: 90 per month
  • Keyword Research: 100 per day
  • NLP: Yes
  • Users: Up to 10 members
  • White Labeling: Yes
  • API: Yes

Why should you use the Business Plan?

It is the highest plan that it offers. Of course, it is the best plan if you run an SEO agency and can use it to optimize up to 90 content in a month.

If we look at other plans, it offers you much more freedom as an agency to work for your clients, like by giving them white labeled reports and inviting up to 10 team members to optimize web content, etc.

I would recommend this plan to agencies and SEO experts who have a lot of clients.

Surfer SEO Pricing: Which is the best plan for you?

Surfer SEO Addons

In addition to these basic subscription plans, Surfer SEO offers you some add-ons as well.

Surfer AI: $29/article. Surfer SEO’s AI assistance tool helps you create your article within minutes. So, you can save your time which can be employed in some other important tasks.

Audit: $49/month. You get 100 SEO Audits per month with an extra $49/month. This ensures you if your content is SEO-optimized or not.

SERP Analyzer: $29/month. You get 100 audits per day to create a robust SEO strategy to beat your competitors on Google SERPs.

White Label: $49/month. If you’re an agency, you should use this add-on to improve your trust and branding among your clients. It helps you generate SEO audits under your brand name and logo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Surfer SEO is an ON-Page SEO tool that is primarily used for content optimization. Basically, it improves your web content by providing suggestions to keep and remove words from your content.

No, Surfer SEO is a premium tool and Surfer SEO plans start at $89/month and go up to $299/month

Unfortunately, there is no Surfer SEO trial available. But, you need not worry as it offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, you can test and evaluate the tool for 7 days, then upgrade to any premium plan.
If it does not satisfy you in 7 days, you can contact their support to extend the money-back guarantee up to 30 days by providing them feedback.

Surfer SEO’s monthly cost starts at $89/month (for a monthly subscription) and $69/month (for an annual subscription).

Surfer SEO does not offer any discount for monthly subscriptions, but for an annual subscription, you get a flat 22% off.

We use Surfer SEO for optimizing web content for Google and other major search engines. It analyzes the web content and uses the prime SEO standards to optimize it and rank well on Google.

Of course, you should try it. It is the best content optimization tool used by pro bloggers like Brian Dean, Matthew Woodward, Adam Enfroy, and many more.

Wrapping Up

After using it, I can proudly say that Surfer SEO is worth a try. You can optimize your content for the next level to beat your competitors and rank at the top.

Many renowned bloggers and agencies use it for content optimization.

If you are tired of optimizing your content for Google and have not succeeded yet, you must use Surfer SEO. Try it for a month and save a flat of 22% for an annual subscription.

If you love this article and the exclusive deal excited you, then please share it with others too.

If you are already a Surfer SEO user, then share your experience in the comments section.

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  1. Surfer charges affordable pricing when compare with SEMrush or Aherfs. Despite the factor of considering the basic features, Surfer providers Content editor and research tool which can be helpful for SEO marketers to rank their content high in search engines. However, considering from business perspective Surfer has to improve a lot in entire marketing campaign features.

  2. Yes! Surfer SEO is ideal for SEOs looking for a data-driven analysis tool with a great interface and is entirely affordable

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