Who is Nitin Dabas?

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Hello, I am Nitin Dabas, a passionate blogger from India. Founder of DabasBlog. I launched this blog on 22nd June 2020. 

I have got a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Comm. Engg.

While pursuing my degree I was motivated by my colleague who introduced me to blogging. Then I started reading top blogs in the Blogging and Make Money Online niche. 

However, at that time it was hard to accept that anybody could earn from Blogging. This was a time in 2013 when I was pursuing my degree. I started some micro niche blogs and started to earn a decent amount of money. 

My first blog was BlogTacker.com but due to some unavoidable reasons, I had to pause my blogging journey in 2016. Since that time Blogging has become my passion and that’s the reason that in 2020 I resumed my blogging passion with a brand new DabasBlog.com

How can DabasBlog help you achieve your dreams?

Here, I share proven Blogging and Affiliate Marketing tips that are working great for me. As time has changed since then, I’m learning new things as per current needs and implementing my learnings on my blog. 

You can learn a lot about Blogging and Affiliate Marketing at this blog.

Do you know which is the best part of this learning?

Everything is free at DabasBlog.com

You can learn blogging tips and tricks and implement them on yours.

And, of course, I’m here to help you grow your blogs and make a living from Blogging.

Wish you a Happy Blogging Journey!

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