Keyword Revealer Review: Does it live up to the hype?

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Brainstorming for relevant keywords of a topic is the foremost task of any search engine optimization strategy. Still, many amateur bloggers ignore it in a hurry. There are many tools available for proper keyword research. Here, we are talking about “Keyword Revealer“. I have personally used the keyword research tool and as per my experience, I’m giving the unbiased review of Keyword Revealer.

You must have heard about Keyword Revealerthe ultimate keyword research tool. But, does it live up to the hype? Everything will be unveiled in this extensive Keyword Revealer Review. In this, detailed review, we will discover the main feature of Keywod Revealer that is absent from many keyword research tools.

Keyword Revealer Review
Keyword Revealer Review

Keyword Revealer Review: Does it live up to the hype?

Keyword Revealer Review: The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool?

There are many Keyword Research Tools in the market such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, UberSuggest, KWfinder, etc. No doubt that SEMrush and Ahrefs are the topmost choices for most of the users. But, it totally depends on the individual that what suits him.

In this competitive world, “Keyword Research SEO” has now become a necessity to outrank your blog from the crowd. And here comes these SEO tools which help you in optimizing your content to Google or any other search engines.

Keyword Revealer is also one of the Top Keyword Analysis Tools. But, how does it works? How efficient it is? What is Keyword Revealer Price? Everything will be disclosed in this detailed review of the tool.

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What is Keyword Revealer?

As the name suggests it is the tool specially made for Keyword Research. Keyword Revealer helps you in finding low competition keywords having high search volume.

This not only makes your article traffic driven but also helps in targeting the long-tail keywords that easily rank. What would happen if you write an article without doing any keyword analysis? You might be able to target the easily ranked keywords but there are high chances that your content will be of no use if the keywords you targeted are highly competitive.

Here such Keywords Research SEO Tools help you in ranking on major search engines like Google.

But, how does Keyword Revealer works? How can you use the tool for finding long-tail keywords with low keyword difficulty? Let’s check that out here.

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How to build the empire using Keyword Revealer?

Keyword Research

Keyword Revealer offers a very simple dashboard dedicated to Keyword Research. In this keyword research dashboard, you have to put your main keyword that you want to rank for. You can choose the target location and language for your focus keyword as per your need.

Keyword Revealer Review
Keyword Revealer-Keyword Research

Check out low competition keywords on Keyword Revealer and create well-optimized content for your blog.

Next, you can use the filter option available here to filter the search results.

If you want the keywords ranging from a set of particular words count then, you can use the filter to provide you the desired keywords results.

You can also choose the keywords with High CPC by using this filter option if your blog is monetized with Adsense or any other type of ads.

Keyword Research Filter
Keyword Revealer-Filter Options

Then you are provided with your Keyword Research results. Here, you can see the table with keyword suggestions with some variations.

You can choose the best one suited for you in accordance with the Search Volume, Cost Per Click, and Keyword Difficulty Checker.

Keyword Search Results
Keyword Search Results

Keyword Difficulty

Well, for a new blog you should target the keywords which show a Keyword Difficulty Score less than 30. Of course, Keyword Difficulty Checker will help you in choosing the best keyword for your article. Keyword ranking mainly depends on how efficiently you did your Keyword Research job.

Keyword revealer difficulty checker
Difficulty Checker

Here, in the example shown above, you can see the Keyword Difficulty of the phrase “SEO Tools” is 49% which is showing a high competition for that particular keyword. So you should choose wisely the keywords for your project.

However, Keyword Difficulty Checker also shows monthly search volume for the last twelve months, and Google search trends for the chosen keyword. You can easily analyze the trend of the keyword you want to choose. Here, in this example, the search trend shows that the keyword is going to have many more searches in the coming days. In this way, you can analyze the keyword searches in the coming days.

Though the search volume and search trends hint us to choose the keyword. But the Keyword Difficulty stops us from choosing the keyword for a new blog which have low DA and PA.

Keyword Revealer Dashboard
Keyword Revealer Dashboard

You can easily do keyword research of any phrase by using its Keyword Research interface. As the above figure shows how much CPC the particular keyword gets in addition to that you can analyze monthly profit for that keyword.

Social Presence, Domain Strength, and ON Page Optimization are the key features that you should take into consideration while doing Keyword Research. As it’s difficult to rank for a higher keyword position if your competitor is having much social presence and higher domain authority than yours.

Keyword Revealer Review- The Most Amazing Feature Discovered

Keywords Word Count

One feature of the tool that I liked the most is its word count feature. It shows average word counts along with DA and PA of the Top 10 URLs showing on Google SERP. This is a plus point of the tool that helps you understand how many words we should target in our content to compete with the top blogs in that particular niche.

Keyword Revealer Ranking Page
Keyword Revealer Ranking Page

You can analyze the top ten search results for the keyword you want to choose. The dashboard shows PA, DA, Moz Rank, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, social shares, etc. that help you analyze your competitors for that particular keyword.

However, this was the traditional method of keyword research.

You can use competitor based keyword research by using the tutorial shown in Keyword Revealer Review.

Keyword Revealer tool review
Competitor based Keyword Research

In the keyword research dashboard, use URL instead of Keyword tracker and spy on your competitor’s blog. This option helps you find on which keywords your competitor is getting traffic and which type of SEO strategy he uses. Your competitor’s keywords show you the keyword database including its keyword position and social shares.

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Keyword Brainstorming

Keyword Brainstorming is one of the essential features that a keyword research tool should have. This feature provides you a variety of keywords for your seed keyword that you can choose accordingly. You get all the relevant keywords of your niche on a single click.

The Keyword Brainstorming feature shows you average monthly searches along with CPC for the keywords.

Keyword Brainstorming
Keyword Brainstorm

Keyword Revealer Price

Keyword Revealer offers a free plan to try out the basic features of the keyword research tool. It provides you on a daily basis 3 keyword analysis with 3 Brainstorming usages. Though, it’s great to check out the Keyword Revealer Trial as if it fits your need or not.

However, if you want more features then you have to upgrade your free plan to a suitable paid plan.

If you’re a newbie and just started out your blogging career, then the BASIC plan is the best-suited plan for you. You can do 50 keyword analysis per day with unlimited keyword suggestions. In addition to this, 50 keywords for Rank Tracker and Brainstorming included in the plan.

For SEO Experts and Digital Marketers, PRO and ELITE plans are best suited. These plans give you many more daily searches than the BASIC plan has. Also, you get daily competitive analysis and backlinks analysis with the upgraded plans.

You also get some discount on Keyword Revealer price if you choose an annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription.

Keyword Revealer Price
Keyword Revealer Price

Keyword Revealer Lifetime

If you don’t want a monthly subscription of Keyword Revealer, then it also offers a lifetime deal with a one-time payment option.

Yes! Keyword Revealer Lifetime Deal

Though, it provides 3 types of plans- CONSULTANT, MARKETER, and AGENCY. You can choose the plans as per your need.

Keyword Revealer offers a full money-back guarantee within 7 days of sign up. I think it’s enough time to analyze the tool as per your requisition.

Keyword Revealer Lifetime
Keyword Revealer Lifetime

Is Keyword Revealer an alternative to SEMrush?

Well, Keyword Revealer provides you a lot of features in a limited budget. But, still there are some laggings in the tool.

So, you can use it as an option for Keyword Research but it does not compete with Keyword Research Giants. Thus, in a single line, it is not a SEMrush alternative.

Keyword Revealer Review: Does it live up to the hype?

Keyword Revealer: PROS and CONS

So far, you get to know about all the features of the tool in this extensive Keyword Revealer Review. But a question still arises in your mind.

Is it a suitable keyword research tool for me?

Well, the answer couldn’t be complete and satisfactory without knowing the pros and cons of Keyword Revealer. So, let’s take a look.


  • The simple and easy interface of the tool is really a plus point of Keyword Revealer. Unlike other tools, it provides all LSI and long-tail keywords at a single place.
  • Keyword Brainstorming feature is another feature in Keyword Revealer that attracts the user towards it. You get all related keywords in a wink.
  • Rank Tracker is another essential feature that helps you evaluate the progress of your project by providing you a realtime keyword position of the keywords you want to track.
  • You can save keywords and projects.
  • Free trial plan available.


  • You have to manually evaluate the Keyword difficulty of every keyword. That is really an annoying task when you do keyword research.
  • Limited keyword searches per day. It really hinders your keyword analysis if you find more keywords than those mentioned in the plan.

Final Verdict: Keyword Revealer Review

So, now you get to know about the pros and cons of the tool. Now, it is quite easier for you to decide whether Keyword Revealer suits your needs or not.

If you are looking for a perfect keyword research tool with all features in your budget, then Keyword Revealer is definitely for you.

If you are a beginner and have a limited budget, then you must give it a try. It makes your keyword research a bit easier with a BASIC plan.

Don’t waste your time!

Just try this awesome keyword research tool and decide yourself.

I’ve tried to put out every possible information in this Keyword Revealer Review to demonstrate the tool for you. I think you discovered a great keyword analysis tool here. Please, share your views in the comment box.

And please, don’t forget to share it.

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