Rank Math Review: Is It The Best SEO Plugin?

SEO is crucial for anybody who wants to get more web traffic & outperform his competitors.

It is self-explanatory that SEO involves a lot of things and keeping an eye on every aspect is not possible. That’s why we need SEO plugins to keep a track of everything that is needed for ON-Page optimization.

For many years Yoast SEO dominated in this field but now we have another WordPress SEO plugin that is better than Yoast SEO. It is the Rank Math SEO plugin.

It is not only me who’s saying this, but 80% of SEO experts also found it better.

I personally used Yoast SEO for a long time and switched to Rank Math last year. So, how is the Rank Math SEO better than Yoast SEO?

This will be easy for you if you read this extensive Rank Math review.

In this Rank Math SEO review, I’ll show you how it works, its features, and how to set it up. Along with these, we’ll compare Rank Math vs Yoast SEO and get to know how it is better than the Yoast SEO plugin.

Rank Math Review
Rank Math SEO

Rank Math Review: Introduction

Rank Math is a robust SEO plugin developed to optimize On-Page SEO performance. In this plugin, you get many options to optimize your content for Google or other search engines.

It provides you an idea of how well you optimize your content by showing your SEO score.

If you’ve used any other SEO plugin like Yoast SEO, SEOPressor, All-in-one SEO Pack, etc. then you already know how important an SEO plugin is!

It is a freemium plugin that has both a free and a paid version.

Why Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math SEO lays down a perfect substratum for your ON-Page SEO. While comparing it with Yoast SEO, I’ve found it-

  • faster
  • easier
  • cheaper
  • accomplish better results

These are the prime reasons that forced me to switch from my existing SEO plugin to Rank Math SEO. In this Rank Math Review, you’ll get many more reasons to select this plugin over others.

Rank Math Review 2021: Is it better than Yoast?

How it works?

It basically works on prime aspects needed to optimize your ON-Page SEO score. Let’s get to know what are those prime aspects-

So, this is the work area of the Rank Math SEO plugin that it primarily works on. But, there are a lot of other parameters that RankMath optimizes.

Some of those are SEO title, meta description, Image SEO, 404 monitor, Instant Indexing, Sitemap, Woocommerce, Analytics integration, etc.

rankmath review
RankMath Prime Aspects

With the help of this Rank Math review, you can figure out each of them in detail to optimize your site in the best way.

SEO title & meta description

Optimizing SEO title and meta description should be the foremost task for any search engine optimization strategy. It helps the web crawlers to optimize your content by telling them that what your content is all about.

Look at the image given below for better understanding-

Rank Math SEO review
RankMath SEO title & description

The upper box denotes the search snippet i.e. how your site appears in the search results for a particular keyword.

Below is the SEO title that appears in the results for a search query. Always keep in mind the SEO title should not be more than 60 characters. The reason for this is a long title is not visible in search results and an incomplete title does not convince visitors to click.

Next is the permalink for your article. It should be short for easy optimization and should contain your focus keyword.

Now is the meta description. Web crawlers read this meta description to offer you a rank in search results. So, always add a meta description that is relevant to your content, and don’t stuff it with keywords. It should provide values to the readers too, as is visible on the search results and users read it to get an idea of what is inside this article.

Focus Keywords

The focus keyword is the main keyword for which you optimize your article.

In the Rank Math SEO plugin, you can optimize your content for up to 5 focus keywords, for which you have to pay in the Yoast SEO plugin.

Rank Math Keyword
Focus Keyword

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Now comes the prime aspects that are often ignored by us but the Rank Math SEO plugin keeps you aware always. Let’s look at them in detail-

Basic SEO

So, here you can see what are the prime areas where the deep analysis of the RankMath SEO works on.

The focus keyword must be included in the SEO title, meta description, and URL of the article. You may already know this but do you know that the focus keyword should be found in the first 10% of the content?

Here comes this SEO plugin that doesn’t forget what is needed for search engine optimization.

Rank Math review
Rank Math Basic SEO

Along with this, you should write a detailed article to have more chances to rank high on Google as every search engine like the article that is well furnished and contains detailed information.

Additional SEO

This feature of the plugin includes parameters that are ignored if we don’t use Rank Math SEO plugin.

It detects if you have used the focus keyword in the heading or subheadings. It keeps your URL length short to optimize the article easily.

Along with this, it keeps you remind of linking to other relevant high authority sites. Interlinking always boosts up other posts of your site, this is also analyzed by the plugin.

The image SEO feature of the plugins reminds you to add Alt Text to the images.

RankMath review
Rank Math Additional SEO

Search engine bots don’t understand images that’s why Alt Text is added to them in order to optimize them easily. Alt Text is basically a target keyword.

Keyword density is always a matter of debate, as there is no limit to how much a keyword density should be. Rank Math SEO optimizes your content in the best way by limiting your keyword density to not more than 2.5%.

Title Readability

Rank Math SEO title
Rank Math Title Readability

The SEO title impacts a lot on your performance on SERPs. So, how can you improve your Title Readability, so that it can optimize for the top results?

This area of the plugin helps you in optimizing your title. A good SEO title should contain at least a number, a power word, and sentiments in it along with the focus keyword.

Content Readability

Though content readability is also discussed in Basic SEO, there is something that you get in this content readability column.

You should always use short paragraphs because a long paragraph puts a negative impact on the reader and he ignores your article if it is written in long paragraphs. Along with this, you should use a Table of Contents plugin to divide your content into different sections.

It should be known to you that images and videos must be used in the content to give it much exposure and it provides a lot of what a text can’t.

This Rank Math review has explained all prime factors on which the plugins work. On the analysis of all these parameters, the Rank Math plugin gives you an SEO score out of 100. The more score you get the more SEO-friendly article you have.

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How to Setup the Rank Math SEO plugin?

Let’s take a look at how to configure the Rank Math plugin. This detailed Rank Math review provides you all information about the plugin. Just follow the steps to configure this SEO plugin.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Use the Rank Math Setup Wizard

๐Ÿ‘‰ Import data from other SEO plugins

Using Rank Math Setup Wizard

As soon as you install and activate the plugin, you get a message to use its configuration wizard. It involves a few steps-

Step #1. Create your account

This is the very first step that you can’t skip. RankMath asks you to create a free account on its platform if you want to use the full features of the plugin.

I know that it’s not always convenient to create an account on external platforms but connecting your account allows you to use Rank Math API to run detailed tests on your site.

Once you connect your account with it, you are asked to configure Rank Math settings in any of the following three ways-

Rank Math Setup
RankMath Setup

Well, I’d recommend the “Advanced” option if you want to get the most benefit from RankMath.

After this, it will ask the basic questions about your site as given in picture below-

RankMath Wizard

Rank Math Review 2021: Is it better than Yoast?

Step #2. Connect to Google Services

In the next step, you can easily connect your account with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Believe me, it is quite easy and smooth going and ultimately you’ll be blessed to connect them both.

If you have not created accounts on Google Search Console and Analytics, I’d recommend you to create quickly to get some valuable features that you can’t ignore.

RankMath connect
Rank Math Connect

As soon as you connect to Google services, you are asked about permissions to use, kindly allow them to complete the process.

Step #3. Sitemap

Now, the plugins will ask you to create an XML sitemap for your website. This step is extremely important as you are going to start the indexing process.

Rank Math sitemap

Rank Math allows you to generate an XML sitemap that will help Google bots to index your website content. Along with content, you are allowed to include images too in the sitemap.

Step #4. Optimization

Here comes another important feature of the plugin that allows you to noindex empty category and tags archives.

Rank Math Optimization

Along with these, you are allowed to nofollow all external links automatically by selecting the option. Well, in most cases you won’t want to nofollow all external links, so you may leave it turned off.

One more feature that you get in SEO tweaks is to open the external link in a new tab.

In the last step, Rank Math will ask you to enable automatic updates, so, I’d recommend enabling it.

RankMath Reviews
Rank Math

Advanced Options and Schema Markup

In the advanced section, you will first see the option of Role Manager.

This option simply allows you to assign the roles to Admin, author, contributor, etc. to manage the setting of this SEO plugin.

Rank Math Role
Role Manager

You may enable it if your site is having multiple editors or contributors.

404 Monitor

This is indeed a great feature that the plugin provides. It is really annoying to see your visitors go away due to the 404 Page Not Found error.

Rank Math redirection
404 Monitor

By enabling this option you get to know how many times a 404 error hits on your site and if it hits, you can use redirection to redirect the users to another live page.

Schema Markup

Finally, you get the option to Schema Markup. I strongly recommend using it as it helps in quick indexing of your web content.

Rank Math Schema
Schema Markup

In most cases, you need a separate plugin to add schema to your website but it’s inbuilt in Rank Math SEO plugin that makes it different from others.

Import Data From Other SEO Plugins

As I said earlier, you’ll get to know about everything in this detailed Rank Math review.

If you are using another SEO plugin and want to switch to Rank Math SEO plugin like me, then this is the best option for you.

To access this option, you need to go to RankMath> Status and Tools>Import & Export.

Rank Math
Import & Export

For example, if you have been using Yoast SEO, then you can fetch all SEO details from that plugin, and Rank Math will simply analyze the setting and synchronize it accordingly.

How to use Rank Math for SEO?

Well, till now we have configured the Rank Math SEO plugin. You can manually set up every individual setting on your own and this guide may help you.

Now it comes to use Rank Math for SEO purposes, let’s see how to improve your search engine optimization using this plugin-

  • Running SEO Analysis
  • Analyzing Google Analytics Insights
  • Rank Math SEO Score
  • Rank Math Schema

Running the SEO Analysis

This is the foremost task that should be done in order to the pursuance of search engine optimization. This feature will run a site-wide analysis of your site and provides you errors if any.

Rank Math SEO Analysis
SEO Analysis

Here you can see that this site needs improvement and below there you will find results that are causing the issues and how to fix them.

RankMath SEO Analysis
SEO Fixes

So by fixing these performance issues, you can improve your website SEO score. This site-wide SEO audit is performed by many paid tools that if offered in the Rank Math for free.

Google Analytics Insights

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that you can use to enhance your blog SEO.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Here you can use Analytics insights that show which keyword is getting more search impressions and clicks. In this way, you can improve that keyword and can boost the keywords that are lagging behind.

Rank Math Search Console
Search Console

This feature allows you to find out keywords on which your site is ranking and thus you can improve their rankings and also can find out keyword gaps.

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Rank Math SEO Score

As discussed earlier, Rank Math SEO prime aspects suggest you create content that pars with basic SEO parameters.

If you follow Rank Math SEO parameters, you get a good SEO score that helps in easy optimization and quick indexing of the post.

In the below picture, you get the SEO score of two posts, you can easily compare them both.

SEO Score 1
Test Post 1
SEO Score 2
Test Post 2

So if you efficiently use Rank Math SEO parameters, you can get a good SEO score and outrank your competitors.

Rank Math Schema

Well, Google is moving fast to the rich results on SERPs. So, the importance of structured data is more than ever.

Rank Math Schema Markup
Rank Math Schema

First, understand what Schema is?

Basically, the schema is a set of tags that are assigned to web pages and posts of your website. These help in the way search bots read your content and easy representation of your webpage on Google SERPs.

You must use Schema markup on your website. Well, if you are using the Rank Math SEO plugin, there is no need to install any plugin specially for adding the schema.

You may access it via Rank Math>Titles & Meta>Posts.

Rank Math Schema Tool
Rank Math Schema

If you want to use a separate Schema on each page you may use the Schema generator that is offered to you while editing.

Rank Math Schema Builder
Schema Builder

So, adding schema to your content increases its chance to easy and quick indexing.

Rank Math Review: Free vs Pro

Basically, this Rank Math review explains the free version of the Rank Math SEO plugin. But, it comes with a Pro version too that is more advanced in terms of features and usage. You’ll be provided with a detailed Rank Math Pro review soon.

Though the Rank Math SEO free version offers everything that is needed by a premium SEO plugin, there is a lot that is waiting for you in the Pro version.

The trust that Rank Math built among its users made them immediately choose Rank Math Pro as it is more advanced and cheaper than other SEO plugins.

Let’s now compare how Rank Math Pro takes over it-

Keyword Rank Trackerโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Tracked Keywordsโจ‰50010,000
Advanced Schema Generatorโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Speakable Schemaโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Google Trends Integrationโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Google News SEO Sitemapโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Image SEO PROโจ‰โœ“โœ“
20 Pre-defined Schema Typesโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Google Data Fetch Frequency7 Days3 Days 3 Days
Track Top 5 Winning Keywordsโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Track Top 5 Winning Postsโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Track Top 5 Losing Keywordsโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Track Top 5 Losing Postsโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Check Ranking Keyword Position for Each Postโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Automate Image Captionsโจ‰โœ“โœ“
Custom Schema Builderโจ‰โœ“โœ“

You get many more features like SEO & Schema on Automation, Exclusive Facebook Club, Advanced Technical SEO, and Dedicated Premium Support, etc.

Rank Math Pricing

Rank Math Pricing
Rank Math Pricing

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO was launched in 2010 while Rank Math was started in 2018. For the years, Yoast SEO was the only choice for WordPress SEO.

Though RankMath is new as compared to Yoast, it was in development for several years. It is developed by SEO experts from MyThemeShop.

Now let’s compare Rank Math vs Yoast-

FeaturesRank MathYoast SEO
Plugin size2.85 MB7.18 MB
Lines of code51.3k87.2k
Advanced Google Analytics Integrationโœ“โจ‰
Advanced Schema Generatorโœ“โจ‰
Speakable Schemaโœ“โจ‰
Import schema from any websiteโœ“โจ‰
Keyword Rank Trackerโœ“โจ‰
Google News SEO Sitemapโœ“โœ“
Google Video SEO Sitemapโœ“โœ“
WooCommerce SEO PROโœ“โœ“
Check Ranking Keywords for Each Postโœ“โจ‰
Track Top 5 Winning Keywordsโœ“โจ‰
Track Top 5 Losing Keywordsโœ“โจ‰
Custom Schema Builderโœ“โจ‰
Import Redirections Data via CSV fileโœ“โจ‰
Advanced HowTo Schemaโœ“โจ‰
Mark Cloaked Links as External Linksโœ“โจ‰
Automate Image Captionsโœ“โจ‰
Focus Keywordโœ“โœ“
Strip Category Baseโœ“โœ“

So, this is the basic comparison between Yoast and Rank Math.

Rank Math SEO not only provides more features but also is cheaper than Yoast. It is a robust and revolutionary plugin that is easy to use and as per modern SEO requirements.

While, Yoast offers you to optimize only a single keyword, in Rank Math you get multiple keywords to optimize.

For a new blog, I strongly suggest Rank Math SEO as it offers premium features free of cost. So, if you’re planning to use an SEO plugin and confused between Rank Math vs Yoast, then here is the comparison.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Rank Math SEO is a clear winner.

Here is the price comparison of Rank Math vs other SEO Plugins

RankMath Pricing
Image source: RankMath.com

Rank Math Review: FAQ

Can I use Rank Math on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use Rank Math on multiple websites. Even its free version is also allowed on multiple sites.

Is Rank Math better than Yoast?

Rank Math offers all premium features in the free version. You may see the above comparison between both of them. Of course, Rank Math is better than Yoast.

Is Rank Math free?

Rank Math is available in both the free version and the paid version. You may avail of the benefits of the paid version by paying $59 for a year and can use the plugin on unlimited websites.

Can I try Rank Math before buying it?

Yes, you can install the free version of the plugin on any number of websites.

Do I need a license key to use Rank Math?

You can use the free version without any license key whereas in the paid version you need it.

Does Rank Math slow down my website?

No, not at all. It is developed by a core SEO expert team and tested on all major themes. In fact, it will boost your website theme if you use the Rank Math SEO plugin.

I’m already using an SEO plugin. Can I transfer my SEO settings to the Rank Math?

Yes, you can import SEO settings from any SEO plugin to the Rank Math plugin.

Do I have to pay every year to use Rank Math Pro?

Yes, the Rank Math PRO plugin is available on the annual term. You need to pay every year for the PRO version. However, you can use the free version on any number of sites for free.

How often does Rank Math SEO plugin update?

There is not fixed schedule for it. If a bug is found and needs improvement then the team updates it.

What payment options are available for Rank Math?

Rank Math accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.

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Final Verdict

So far in this Rank Math Review, you have analyzed every aspect of the plugin. Now it is quite easier for you to decide is it the best SEO plugin or not!

Search engine optimization is all about the strategy to keep your site up to date with the latest changes in search algorithms. This plugin has every feature needed to optimize your website and along with these, it has features that save you from spending extra money on SEO tools to analyze your keywords.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert in the field, the Rank Math SEO plugin is a great companion for everybody.

I think your every query has been answered in this extensive Rank Math review, if you have any follow-up doubts, feel free to contact us.

If you are a Rank Math SEO user, share your experience in the comments section.

๐Ÿ‘‰ If you found this Rank Math review helpful, please, don’t forget to share it.

Hello, I am Nitin Dabas, a full-time blogger from India. Founder of Dabas Blog. I write on SEO and Blogging Tips with an aim to help people earn money with their blogs. Of course, I'm here to help you grow.

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