Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites for link building

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It won’t be an exalt if we say that High PR Social Bookmarking Sites play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. This is the technique that is prevalent in SEO for a long time. But, many of the amateur bloggers especially newbies don’t understand its importance. Despite doing On-Page SEO, many of them struggle for getting a good amount of web traffic.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the Free Social Bookmarking Sites, their benefits, and how to use them to increase traffic to your blog.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites
High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Link building is a crucial method for search engine optimization and to enhance the blog presence on the web. There are many methods for link building, as guest posting, commenting, and directory submission, etc. But, the social bookmarking of the blog is definitely the best and easy choice.

However, knowingly or unknowingly we use social bookmarking high pr sites in our daily life. For example, we often share the link of any influencing article to our friends via different social platforms. This not only promotes that article/blog but also works as link building for that particular article and ultimately becomes the part of Search Engine Optimization.

We compiled the list of Free Social Bookmarking Sites keeping in mind the Authority and Page Rank of the sites. So, these sites can help readers in growing their blog authority and traffic.

Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2020 [Updated]

Website NamePagerank

So, these are the High PR Social Bookmarking Sites. These help you make high authority links for your blog and of course traffic to your site.

Though there are many free social bookmarking sites available, the list given here is indeed social bookmarking sites list. You can easily get dofollow backlinks from these social bookmarking high pr sites.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

  • You’ll get a backlink each time you share an article on it.
  • Definitely increase your blog traffic if you’ve good followers.
  • With each link you share on these, a link juice passes on your blog that helps in search engine optimization.
  • Domain Authority of the blog improves if you use Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites.
  • Bounce Rate of your blog slashes.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

How to use Social Bookmarking Sites to increase web traffic

Your blog post can go viral if you use High PR Social Bookmarking Sites. There are simple steps to use Free Social Bookmarking Sites

  • Just sign up for the bookmarking site.
  • Add your website to that particular bookmarking site and verify it.
  • Create a high-quality article for the profile you made.
  • Use images in between the content.
  • Link back your relevant blog post to that article, and that’ll give you a high PR backlink.
  • Share that article on other social bookmarking sites as well as social platforms too.

That’s the little task you have to do in order to get a high-quality backlink for your website and to increase your site traffic. This is the best economical method that will help in Search Engine Optimization and boost up your blog traffic.

Social Bookmarking Sites or Social Platforms?

No doubt that both are important to any blog in SEO perspective. But, people often get confused with Social Bookmarking sites and Social Platforms. The sites listed here are High PR Social Bookmarking sites, however, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are social platforms.

The main difference between these is that on social bookmarking sites, we post articles and link them back to our relevant blog posts. However, on Social Platforms we make our social presence in order to chat with someone, share any information, and even sharing links to any webpage.

In the coming days, you’ll see a guide on how to use social platforms to enhance web traffic.

Hope that you liked the article on High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites for link building.

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