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  1. Looks like quite the solid list Nitin. People love Infographics because IG’s make for the perfect eye candy. Awesome teaching tool for folks heavily reliant on visual learning.


  2. Hi Nitin!

    I’m hoping to create more infographics this year as I definitely agree there’s a lot of potential to improve reach, and generate backlinks with them. There are also tools out there that monitor when images are reposted on other websites, so you can reach out to people that download and repost your infographics to ask them to credit you.

    Once I get started I’ll definitely refer to this list and the websites mentioned here.


    – James McAllister

  3. Hi Nitin,
    I have cross-checked it. it’s really high authority and the quality site’s to infographic submission site list. even though I too looking for infographic site list research. great time to share this site list with me. warm regards to you.

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