SE Ranking Tool: Boost Your Website Traffic in 2021

SE Ranking

SEO is a task that is more connected with experience and understanding keyword research and competitive analysis.

Both of these expertise are necessary if you want to drive huge traffic to your blog. But, how to deal with them?

There are many tools available for keyword research and to spy on your competitors.

But, how to choose the best among them? There is a different criterion for everyone to choose the best SEO tool for themselves.

I’m going to help you decide which is the best keyword research tool?

Here, in this article, I am presenting you with an SEO tool that is quite smart and useful due to its all-in-one SEO features.

I’m talking about the SE Ranking tool that offers a variety of features to rank your website.

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SE Ranking Review

SE Ranking is an all-included SEO tool that is used for keyword research, competitor research, backlinks analysis, and domain audit.

When launched, it was originally a keyword rank checker tool that is now competing with SEO giants like SEMrush and Ahrefs in other features also.

SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool is an award-winning tool that is well-known for its accurate keywords ranking and competitive research.

SE Ranking aims to be an All-In-One SEO tool that delivers every feature to outrank your competitors.

SE Ranking Review 2021: Grab 14-Day Free Trial

se ranking

Why use SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a tool that helps you improve your blog presence on major search engines by its core features. The tool helps you in finding low competition keywords for your content so that you can easily perform well at SERPs.

Some of the reasons that engage you to use the SE Ranking Keyword Research tool are-

  • Dedicated Keyword Analysis
  • Broad Competitive Research
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Rank Tracking

Though, there are some more reasons to opt for the SE Ranking tool like Marketing Plan, social media management, keyword suggestion tool, custom SEO reporting, white-label, etc.

SE Ranking Key Features

The main features that help you in getting huge traffic and improve your blog ranking are discussed here-

Keyword Research

A keyword analysis is an important part of search engine optimization. Neil Patel’s comprehensive guide describes how important is Keyword Research to rank a blog?

Well, to start with SE Ranking Keyword Research, first click on “Keyword Research” on the header bar. This will open the keyword research tool for you, where you can type your focus keyword and get all details about it.

SE Ranking

You can find the details of any keyword in any targeted location by selecting targeted search engines by drop-down menu. After selecting the search engine just hit the “Analyze” button and get results for your focus keyword.

SE Ranking

The keyword research tool of SE Ranking provides you with all necessary metrics like Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, and CPC in the keyword analysis result.

Just below these metrics, you will find some more interesting features of the tool which distinguishes similar keywords, related keywords, and low search keywords.

SE Ranking

Keyword research is not complete until you see the brainstorming keyword ideas. Here comes another great tool of SE Ranking i.e. Keyword Suggestion Tool.

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool helps you in discovering relevant terms related to your focus keyword. You just need to click on view detailed report to find the keyword suggestions.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool shows you all relevant keyword ideas along with search trends for better analysis. In addition to this, the tool gives you an overview of Google SERPs for that particular keyword, where you can see the organic results for up to 200 positions.

For better keyword analysis, you should have filters to find the perfect keywords match for your content. In the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool, you get filters to choose the search volume, CPC, difficulty, and competition to get the most efficient keyword ideas.

Competitive Analysis

For competitive research, you need to click “Competitive Research” on SE Ranking header.

Now type the domain name of your competitor in the search box, then choose the targeted country for which you need to analyze your competitor and hit the “Analyze” button.

SE Ranking Competitor Research

Here, in this report, you will see your competitor’s spy report along with organic and paid results.

Do you want to see on which keywords your competitor is ranking?

Just scroll down the page and see the organic keywords on which your competitor is ranking. The tool also gives you a distribution of organic keyword rankings in a tabular form.

SE Ranking


Competitive research is incomplete until you see all his keywords and analyze on which you can rank easily.

Yes! You can analyze all such keywords by its Competitive Research Tool. Just click on View Detailed Report and you will have all your competitor’s keywords to spy on.

SE Ranking Keyword Research

You can easily filter the results to get the perfect keywords by analyzing search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, etc.

One great feature that may attract you is “Traffic share”.

Yes! After finding the keywords, you can analyze how much traffic you can receive if you got ranked on the first page? In the above picture, you can see how much traffic share a keyword gets when it is ranked in 4th position.

Isn’t interesting?

The Competitive Research Tool shows you how much traffic your competitor is receiving and what is his profit share by analyzing the CPC and traffic of that particular keyword.

SE Ranking Keyword Research

Another great feature that the tool provides is Keyword Rank Checker.

Keyword Rank Checker

To sustain a good ranking on search engines it is necessary to track your keywords position regularly. Keyword rank tracking not only shows your keywords position but also provides you with the opportunity to improve your blog presence.

Yes! SE Ranking as the name suggests is a great tool for providing accurate keyword ranking on major search engines.

Though it is a crucial part of search engine optimization, amateur bloggers often ignore keyword rank tracking.

You just need to create a project for the position tracker, this project will give you insights on how well your site is performing on search engines.

SE Ranking Position Tracker

Just click on the Projects tab and then “Create Project”.

This will open an interface where you have to fill in your project details like project name and domain name for which you want to track keywords rank.

SE Ranking

Here, you can select up to how many positions you want to track your keywords ranking. In addition, you can select the users of the project by allowing them access to the project.

On the next page, you need to enter the keywords for which you want to track the rankings. You can enter the keywords manually or import the keywords file.

SE Ranking Keyword Rank Tracking

Enter the keywords here and hit the “Add Keywords” button before clicking Next.

You can track the position of the keywords on 5 search engines. Simply, select the search engine and choose the country to track keywords rank.

It allows you to track keywords position on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube. In addition, you can choose the language and mobile search engines also.

SE Ranking

After this, add your prime competitors and click Next. You can integrate Google Analytics and Search Console for better data representation.

Position Tracker
Position Tracker

Here, you can see how the keyword rank checker tool shows your keywords’ position along with their SERP features. You can analyze keywords ranking for up to the last 6 months.

So, just analyze your keywords position and improve their ranking by building backlinks and adding quality content.

Backlinks Checker

Backlinks analysis is an important feature of any SEO tool. It helps us in analyzing the backlinks of any domain. This is especially helpful in competitive analysis.

You can easily find out the backlinks of any of your competitors and find the link opportunities to your blog also.

Simply, go to Backlinks Checker and enter the domain name for which you want the backlinks analysis.

SE Ranking

The backlink checker tool allows you to check for 100 domains in a month. In addition, it provides you to check the backlinks for URLs also. Simply, use the drop-down menu to select URL instead of the

SE Ranking

This is the interface of the SE Ranking backlinks checker tool that shows you total backlinks, referring domains, anchor texts, etc.

Just spy on your competitor’s backlink profile and make a list of backlinks that are easy to build and are of high authority. The filter option is quite useful in building a list of such links.

That’s it. Now, build high-quality backlinks to your blog and boost your search engine ranking.

SE Ranking: The Best SEO Tool To Outrank Your Competitors

SE Ranking Pricing

Now let’s look at SE Ranking Prices. You get a unique pricing model at the SE Ranking website.

Yes! SE Ranking prices depend on the frequency of checking the rankings of your project. Along with this, it provides different discounts on plans you select for the different subscription periods. See the picture below for a better understanding.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking Discount

Here, you can clearly see that if you select 3-days or weekly rank check frequency, then you get 20% and 40% OFF respectively.

However, for an annual subscription, you get 20% OFF while on 3 monthly subscriptions you get 55 OFF.

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Note: This promo code will be clubbed with the discounts that are mentioned above. This means you make a huge saving on your purchase.

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SE Ranking provides below mentioned 3 plans on which you can get the discount discussed. The basic plans of SE Ranking i.e. Optimum plan start at $31 monthly.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool: Is it the right choice?

This detailed SE Ranking review has described every important feature that is needed. This is the most affordable keyword research cum domain analysis tool.

Still, confused?

Here are some pros and cons of the SE Ranking Tool, that will help you decide the best SEO tool for yourself.


  • In-depth keyword analysis
  • Advanced competitive research
  • Accurate Rank Tracking
  • Detailed Site Audit
  • Simple interface that allows you to export the files
  • Mobile app available
  • 14-day free trial available


  • Manual difficulty checking for some keywords in the keyword suggestion tool
  • Keyword Gap Analysis Missing
  • Backlinks Checker is not as powerful as Ahrefs

SE Ranking Review 2021: Grab 14-Day Free Trial

se ranking

SE Ranking Competitors

Though, SE Ranking is the fastest growing SEO Tool that is receiving good word of mouth from the users. It is giving the same features at comparable low prices. While talking about its competitors, we can name the following tools-

Conclusion: SE Ranking SEO Tool

SE Ranking is the best SEO tool for keyword research, keyword rank tracking, detailed site audit, etc. These are the features that you get in other SEO tools also but at a higher price that is around $99 per month, while SE Ranking provides you with all these at a cheaper rate.

It is the all-in-one and fastest-growing SEO tool.

The robust and reliable features of the SE Ranking tool make it the most essential tool for SEO experts and enthusiasts.

Don’t waste your time just thinking about it, grab its 14-day free trial right now and decide for yourself.

Have you tested the SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool? Please let me know in the comments.

And please, don’t forget to share it.

Hello, I am Nitin Dabas, a full-time blogger from India. Founder of Dabas Blog. I write on SEO and Blogging Tips with an aim to help people earn money with their blogs. Of course, I'm here to help you grow.

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  1. Hi Nitin,
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