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Best Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools

Punctuation Checker
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Probably, you are looking for the best writing assistant for your project.
But, confused!!
Just check out the 5 best grammar and punctuation checker tools that will not disappoint you.

No one ever wants to have any grammar mistakes in their content, because the first impression is most important to the readers. Sometimes, we ignore grammar and punctuation checks in a hurry.

It reflects a poor impression on our readers and, of course, has a negative impact on SEO.

Definitely, we can proofread our articles, but it takes a lot of time for humans to check for errors. A real-time punctuation checker and free online proofreading tool prove to be very helpful in this case.

If you are searching for an effective way to improve your writing skills, you can use free online proofreading tools. Of course, it helps you to improve your blog engagement.

Most content creators don’t pay any heed to punctuation marks or check for commas. But, it can improve your readability score and engage more audience with your content if you write error-free content. Besides this, Google also loves flawless content which increases your chance of ranking higher.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 online punctuation correction tools to prevent you from feeling embarrassed in front of your readers.

Top Comma Checker Tools for Better Writing

5 Best Punctuation Checker & Proofreading Tools

If you are a non-English speaker, then a correct punctuation checker should be the priority for you to impress your readers. At present, there are a lot of grammar and comma checker tools available. But we can’t deny that it is quite a confusing task to select the best among all other proofreading tools.

I’ve sorted out this hectic situation for you. Go through these 5 top grammar checker tools that help you refine your grammar.


Grammarly Punctuation
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If you want to improve your writing skills, it is the best tool.

Grammarly is a tool that can help you write any kind of article. Whether you are a blogger, student, or author, you can present your ideas with no grammatical mistakes.

It plays an amazing role in your presenting writing content with no silly mistakes. It helps you in publishing articles in no time, as it presents real-time grammar checking that enhances your writing speed.

It is a tool that is recommended by many authors for flawless writing. With the help of this tool, you can learn from your errors and improve your writing skills.

If you want to have a free punctuation checker, this is the best choice for you.

Price: $30 monthly or $12/month annually

Free version: Available

You may refer to this in-depth Grammarly review for a better evaluation of the tool.


  • Best trusted grammar checker app used by most experts
  • Helps you in refining your sentence structure
  • Real-time free online proofreading tool
  • Plagiarism check
  • Easy to integrate extensions for browsers


  • Expensive
  • It doesn’t guarantee 100% correctness.

You may readGrammarly vs ProWritingAid: What’s the Best Writing Assistant Tool?


ProWritingAid Punctuation
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ProWritingAid is another great grammar and comma checker tool. Its style editor tool improves your writing style. It helps you to get rid of errors and grammar mistakes.

It assists you in correcting your spelling mistakes and checking for errors in your writing. With the help of ProWritingAid, you can improve your readability score by removing poor words, and duplicate words.

Impressive content not only depends on grammar but on other things also like sentence structure and perfect word choice.

It helps you express your ideas and thoughts in the best way and helps achieve more success. You may choose your writing style as formal, informal, casual, etc.

It removes grammar and spelling errors from your content and represents flawless articles. It highlights vagueness and complexity in your work which helps you to improve your writing style.

It makes your paragraph structure much better and boosts your writing skills.

You may refer to this review of ProWritingAid for better clarity of the tool.

punctuation checker
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  • Outstanding Grammar Checker tool
  • Real-time punctuation check
  • Top-notch writing style tool
  • Safe for all users
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Human check also needed impressive writing
  • The free version is very limited

Price: $20 monthly or $6.58/month annually

Free Trial: Available

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Ginger Grammar Checker
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Ginger Grammar Checker

The Ginger grammar checker tool has been around for a long time, over ten years. It is a great and the oldest writing assistant software.

With the help of this tool, you can correct any grammar mistakes while writing. Another significant achievement of the tool is its word choice and style editor. Besides this, you can use the tool for translation as well. It helps you to translate over 50 languages.

If you want to give any writing assistant a try, you may choose ginger software. It offers a free version and overall affordable than other grammar checkers and proofreading tools.

Ginger’s personal trainer app is quite helpful for dyslexia students.

It’s easy to integrate with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.


  • One of the best proofreading tools
  • Real-time grammar and punctuation check
  • Great translation tool
  • Correct punctuation checker
  • Perfect for WordPress users
  • Excellence award winner


  • Not available offline
  • Does not support plagiarism check

Price: $20 monthly or $12.48/month annually

Free version: Available


WhiteSmoke Punctuation
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When you look for free online proofreading tools, there are many grammar correction apps available.

WhiteSmoke is another such tool that is used for grammar and punctuation checks. It is a complete proofreading tool along with a writing assistant and plagiarism checker.

When you purchase a premium plan of WhiteSmoke, you get a desktop version too. Besides this, you may use it on different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

There is one thing in the app that should be improved its desktop version’s usage. This means the desktop version allows you to check only 10,000 characters. Yes, these are 10,000 characters, not words. This is quite a limited check that should be improved by looking at the present competition.

To know more about the tool, is it a suitable tool or just a waste of money? Just look at its pros and cons.


  • Writing Style Checker
  • Accurate grammar checker that is widely used by experts
  • Plagiarism check
  • Cheaper than other grammar correction apps
  • Translates up to 55 languages
  • Compatible with almost every device and browser


  • It offers limited punctuation checks on the desktop version
  • You need an internet connection to use the desktop app

Price: $13.33 monthly or $6.66/month annually

Free Trial: Available


Linguix Punctuation
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The list of proofreading tools does not end and here is another AI-based writing assistant tool, i.e. Linguix. There are many questions raised daily related to grammar checks and the most common are:

How do I check my punctuation online?

Linguix is the answer to this question. Yes, it is a tool that helps you while writing by providing real-time punctuation checks. It has the largest grammar rules database of around 2000 rules.

It guides you to remove poor word usage and its style checker restores your article impressively.

Its readymade text templates make it different from other grammar checker apps. This means, if you want to write a press release, then you may try its readymade template and edit accordingly.

If you want to target a specific country, then it allows you to edit your text according to that country’s language.

I’ve seen people talking about Grammarly vs ProWritingAid but it is a tool that is less known but efficient. If you have a query like- which sentences are punctuated correctly, check all that apply, then you should use Linguix. You may read a detailed Linguix review here.


  • A library comprising writing templates
  • The mobile keyboard reduces your typing errors
  • Browsers extension supporting all major web browsers
  • MS Office support


  • Expensive

Price: $18.95 monthly or $8/month annually

Free version: Available

Other Notable Grammar Checkers

  • Turnitin
  • Language Tool
  • AutoCrit
  • GrammarBase
  • PaperRater
  • Garrestone Punctuation Tracker
  • After The Deadline

Apart from the above tools, these are also some notable proofreading tools. You may use these while writing and can impress your audience with a flawless writing style.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the tools mentioned above provide free trials or free versions. You should test their free versions to improve your writing style.
We may note that they limited the free versions in features. If you want flawless writing, then you should choose the premium versions.

Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Ginger, etc. are the apps that are used as top writing assistant tools. However, I suggest you manually check your punctuation marks along with these tools for better results.

I have used various online tools for grammar and punctuation checks, Grammarly is the tool that I found the best tool available online.

You can grab a flat 60% Grammarly discount on the annual plan. This means, that for just $144, you can access the tool for a year. For a special Grammarly discount, stay connected with us.


So, these are some of the best grammar and writing style checker tools. However, I’d recommend you manually check all grammar errors along with proofreading tools. The reason is that no online grammar checker tool is perfect and provides 100% results.

These are good when used as a companion in your writing, but don’t just rely on them too much.

You may use Grammarly and ProWritingAid as writing assistants for your project. These are the most reputed and accurate grammar checker tools.

Hopefully, you liked the post and reached the conclusion of choosing the best punctuation tool for your projects.

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